Upload of multiple files

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Jan Trnka, Polaris-Team

In the documents and galleries it is possible to upload several files / pictures at once. Either drag several files into the upload window with the mouse or click on the window and select several files.
However, the following conditions must be observed:

  • The maximum size of one file is 20MB.
  • For uploading, the selected files must be saved temporarily. This memory is limited to approx. 100MB. This means that the size of all files selected at once must not exceed 100MB. This also results in a limitation of the number of selected files.
  • Images that exceed the width of 2000px are automatically and proportionally reduced to this size when uploaded. This results in a maximum size of approx. 4MB per image.
    This applies to all images in Polaris
  • The last uploaded file/image comes first in Polaris.
  • The order in which the files are saved in Polaris corresponds to the order of selection. With MS-Windows this is different from MAC and is not easy to control. See below.

Upload window for documents

Practical advice for uploading multiple files / images.

  1. Do not move several files into the window with the mouse if you want to keep the file order. This procedure is only suitable if you want to upload individual files. If you want to keep a certain order, proceed as follows:
    1. Click into the upload window, the file selection window opens. (picture on the right)
    2. Sort the files into the desired order, by name, date, etc.
    3. Select the last file first!
    4. Hold down the Shift key and select the first file.
    5. If necessary, check the order in the line below.
  2. Work in steps of max. 10-20 files at a time. If something goes wrong, you can correct it more easily. In Polaris, all files must be deleted individually.
  3. Try it first in a test folder.

Right order of the files