Rotary/Laederach chocolate fundraising campaign for PolioPlus

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What do chocolates and oral polio vaccines have in common? Both are sweet!

That's of course not quite true. Oral polio vaccine tastes bitter, but its effect is all the sweeter. Because the child who receives it, will be protected for life from the devastating effects of poliovirus. Isn't that sweet?

Chocolates for polio vaccines

We Swiss love chocolate. It's our national passion. Rotary, together with Läderach Chocolatier, is offering special Rotary PolioPlus chocolates, with proceeds going towards polio eradication. It's a great way to enjoy chocolates… entirely guilt-free!

What else do I need to know?

Each box contains 24 chocolates. Two special versions are offered: both are shipped in special Rotary/End Polio Now-designed packaging:

  1. Standard version – contains 24 standard Läderach chocolates (CHF30 per box – slightly reduced from the regular store price)
  2. Rotary 'Special' – contains 24 chocolates, 8 of which are designed with Rotary logo (CHF35 per box)

With each box sold, CHF15 (respectively CHF20) go towards PolioPlus. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation triples this amount to CHF45, respectively CHF60. With each box sold, 90 children (respectively 120 children) will be vaccinated against polio.

How can I order?

Contact Oliver Rosenbauer

Photo by: Pablo Merchán Montes